About Us

Our passion is to help and our focus is YOU

Healthletic Meals, now HM Meal Prep for short, was founded in 2016 by two siblings -Franchezka and Kevin, and Amanda, Kevin’s wife.
Back then, we realized there was an urgent need in the Upstate for a service that would provide cooked healthy meals, with lots of flavor, variety, with macros, that delivered and would help residents of the Upstate make that switch to a healthier lifestyle without excuses. We started small but our passion helped us grow bigger and bigger each day; from just serving Greenville in year one to now delivering meals all around the Upstate, SC.

For years we were hidden behind the curtains cooking where no one would see us, but we just now (10/2022) opened our first store front in Greenville, where we can cook in a beautiful new kitchen, meet and serve our customers every day. We are super excited about this new phase of our business, we look forward to have our customers come support us and for our following to grow even more as more people learn about us and get to try our delicious food.

As HM Meal Prep we believe that by maintaining an active lifestyle and eating better foods with controlled portions based on your goals and needs, greatness can be achieved and happier days can be added to one’s life.

All and all, what we really want to say is that we want you to make eating healthy a priority, a positive, fun, easy and delicious lifestyle change; not a diet, a hard task, or boring process. Let us help you!

We hope you find our service helpful and convenient in your life.

See you soon!

Our Team

Franchezka Westwood

Co-Owner/Kitchen Manager and Sales.

Franchezka, Colombia native, has been in the Upstate for 16+ years. She has an undergraduate degree from USC Upstate in Business Administration with concentration in Management. She is a fitness enthusiast, a competitive bodybuilder, loves to cook and "make it fit her macros", she likes to actively volunteer in her community, loves dancing, music, traveling with her husband and being out in nature. HM has been her life for many years and she stands behind everything the company is and has become.

Kevin Westwood

Co-Owner/Operations Manager and Logistics.

Kevin is a very athletic and energetic person. After high school he joined the US National Guard. His passion for healthier eating and meal prepping started during his second deployment when he realized his mission demanded a lot of his time but his fitness goals were still very important for him. Kevin is father of three children and two dogs; he still serves as an officer of the US National Guard while operating HM Meal Prep from near or far (when deployed). He leads by example in the field, is a great friend to many and a caring boss to his HM team.

Amanda Westwood


Amanda grew up in Greenville, loves playing soccer and being active. She graduated from USC Upstate with a degree in Business Administration with concentration in Management. After college, she dedicated herself fulltime to HM Meal Prep until she and Kevin decided to start a family. Even then, she remained part of the team, working on the back-end as our admin assistant. She is an incredible mother of three and always looks out for others.

HM Meal Prep