Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It all depends where you live and when you place your order.

No problem! We deliver homes between 4pm and 9pm, which is usually when people get home from work and/or come back from activities. Your meals will be left in front of your doorstep in a blue insulated bag with gel packs in it that will help your meals stay cold for an extra hour or so until you get home.

You need to place your order no later than 24 hours in advance. For example, if you want meals for Monday, you need to place your order by 11:59pm on Saturday.
If you are not sure what your time frame is, head over to checkout and see what next day shows available depending on your zip code or place of pick up.

Yes! All of our small size meals are great for weight loss, but depending on your body, calorie expenditure and other factors, other meals and sizes might work best for you. We suggest you contact a nutritionist or dietitian to have a better guided plan to reach your goals.

Yes! We have subscription meal plans that you can build yourself depending on your likes and number of meals you want. We also have a Meal Plan Fortune Wheel if you are feeling wild and hungry.

Please send an email to [email protected] with (1) a clear picture of your ID or your DD214 and (2) the email/username you have created in our website. Once we review the information sent, we will apply a 10% discount on your account.

The discount will be applied automatically on all subsequent orders using that same account.

Thank you for your service.

Since we are located in South Carolina there is 6% Sales tax required, and for being part of Greenville County we are required to charge a Hospitality tax of 2%. (Regardless of delivering outside of Greenville County).

Making it a total of 8% tax on your prepared meals.

Delivery and gift cards are not taxed.

This small fee helps us maintain the website and servers used to protect your information in our website.

We kinda do. We offer low carb meals (meats/protein paired with vegetables), but we don’t add extra fats to your meals. We rather you do that part.

We are located at 2520 Wade Hampton Blvd. Unit C, Greenville SC 29615.

Orders are completed around 3pm the day you selected for pick up. Please keep in mind our cooking times may vary. During check out please provide a reliable phone number (preferably mobile number) so we can contact you when your order is ready. Our store is open until 7pm during the week.

If you prefer pick up at another location, please select them during checkout.

Yes, our containers can be used to heat up your food using the microwave. Just open the lid, leave it on top slightly slanted, and microwave your food for 1.5 to 2 minutes on 70% Power (depending on your microwave voltage). Make sure to remove the sauce or lemon (if included) before you microwave your meal.

Please do not put the meal container on the stove top or your oven, since its made of plastic.

Your meals can be consumed within 7 days from the day they were made. Each label contains a “consume or freeze by” date to help you with the math.

If you rather freeze them and eat them at a later time, we recommend you consume them within 2 months to avoid freezer burn. (please don’t freeze salads or wraps!)

We always knock and ring on your doorbell when we arrive, but we will text you to the mobile number provided during check out to let you know as well. (provider fees may apply)

Our goal is to make life more convenient for you, so your meals are delivered in a blue insulated bag (we call it Kool bag), with frozen gel packs in it that help keep your food cool until you get home.
Next time you order, please but your empty blue kool bag outside your doorstep (the morning of your scheduled delivery), so our delivery driver can swap it with another kool bag with your new order in it.
It is important that you don’t forget to put your kool bag out. The first Kool bag is at no charge to you, but any consequent bags delivered have a fee of $15 if not returned.

We deliver to different areas on different days. Please select your day depending where you need it delivered.

Monday: Greenville Main Area (Including Simpsonville, Mauldin, Five Forks, Taylors, Downtown Greenville, and Augusta rd).
Tuesday: Greenville Main Area, PLUS West Greenville, Berea, Furman, Travelers Rest, Greer, Duncan, Moore and Spartanburg.
Thursday: Greenville Main Area PLUS Fountain Inn, West Greenville, Berea, Furman, Travelers Rest, and Spartanburg.
Friday: Greenville Main Area PLUS West Greenville, Berea, Easley, Powdersville, Piedmont, Clemson, Seneca and Anderson.

Couple possible reasons. Are you sure that zip code is in the Upstate? If it is but it still won’t let you checkout, it could be that you are barely outside of the delivery area that we currently cover. Send an email to [email protected] with your address and we will get back to you shortly. Call us if you want a much quicker response (864) 881-1602.

Orders for pick up are not affected by the zip code entered.

If you don’t want to come to our main location and you don’t want your meals delivered directly to you, we offer other convenient pick-up locations, but we still need to drive there and make it there within a small window. That small fee goes directly to pay our driver as an extra delivery “stop”.

Probably! Email [email protected] with your meal plan, We will review and let you know, and if so, we will provide you with a quote.

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